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I recently began myofascial release therapy for the damage to my neck that was caused by repeated abuse. My therapist warned me that patients often have flashbacks during treatment, and, sure enough, I did. The horrible memories, even ones I had repressed and forgotten, flashed before my eyes and rushed across the theater of my mind in rapid fire sequence. My body literally vibrated as I re-experienced the panic associated with the episodes of abuse. But, then there was a nearly audible voice that interrupted the frightening scenes being replayed in my mind’s eye. It firmly said, “But, I’m alive. I am alive.” I continued to hear this voice periodically throughout the treatment session that day. As these horrific images flooded my thoughts I became acutely aware that I could have died, should have died, many, many times. However, the Lord had saved me and kept breath in my nostrils as my body was pushed to the brink of death. And, I am alive! I am alive! I can have hope of a better tomorrow and of future comforts because I did survive. Hallelujah! I am alive!