We were to go to divorce trial September 13. My son’s counselor submitted a report, which didn’t make my husband look good at all, and suddenly my husband and his attorney were willing to settle the night before we were scheduled to go to trial. I celebrated. I thought it was over. I was premature.

My husband’s brother called me last week, wanting to come get the items that were awarded to my husband in the divorce. The brother stated that it all had to be taken care of by the end of October. I was surprised because I had not received notification of the divorce papers being signed by the judge, so I called my attorney. I was told the papers were still with my husband’s attorney; they had not returned them yet.

I called my brother-in-law back to let him know that the papers hadn’t been signed yet and were still with the other attorney, so we’d need to wait. He said that he’d talk to my husband and have him call his attorney on Friday when he came down to visit the kids. It was an amiable conversation.

Today my attorney’s office called.  I was told that my husband complained to his attorney, claiming that I have had my family members calling him to find out why his attorney isn’t returning the divorce papers.  Other than our children, my only family member is my brother who has remained friendly with my husband.  The kids don’t call their dad.  I can only assume that the phone call he is referring to is the one he told the kids about…..the one from my niece, the daughter of my brother who hates me and has sided with my husband.  I hate to assume they are in allegiance against me and trying a new tactic in the divorce and custody matter.

I desperately, I mean desperately, want this to be over.  I want to build a new life for myself.  I want to heal.  I want to live in peace.  I want to build a better future for myself and my children.  What will satisfy them?  What will it take before they tire of this?  I don’t want anything from them.

Well, I do want something from them–I want to be left alone in peace.  I just want to live and let live.  Why is that so impossible?