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I was taken captive as I entered the world and for 46 years I was kept as a prisoner of war.

I was denied food and water.  Sleep deprivation tactics were employed against me.  As a result, my physical condition deteriorated, but I was denied appropriate medical care.  Beatings came with great irregularity so that I was always on guard, always anticipating the next sudden attack.  All contact with the outside world was strictly monitored.  Foreign influences were disregarded as propaganda and not to be trusted.  I was given permission to wander the outer, dangerous parts of the city at night time for a short season.  It was during one of those “outings” that, under the cloak of darkness, I was brutally raped.

An arranged marriage to an ally of my captors was eventually allowed.  It gave me a sense that my captors were permitting me a taste of freedom and normalcy, but the “marriage” was controlled and was just a tool to prohibit me from attempting an escape.  I had attempted an escape once by running away and marrying a foreigner.  My captors found me though and, under duress, convinced me to return with them.

They sent out false reports of my activities, my stability, and my well being in order to thwart any attempts of rescue from outsiders.  I was marginalized in order to convince others that I deserved the sentence I had received.

As fate would have it, the marital ally failed in his mission.  He became frustrated and left the prison unguarded.  Almost immediately following this action, my original captor, the head of the entire operation, died.  I could smell freedom approaching.

I couldn’t leave my dying father inside those walls though, so I lingered.  With his passing I thought my freedom was guaranteed.  However, the son of the original captor has, in the name of the cause, pursued me and tormented me.  His marital ally apparently quickly recognized the damage he had done by walking away with the gate unlocked because he soon regrouped and joined once again with the son.    Together they have dogged me, trying to recapture me.

I am doing my best to acclimate to the outside world.  It is a strange place to be, and I don’t really know the mores.  A lot of good people have helped me though and are assisting me as I adjust to society.  I live in constant fear of being recaptured; the local government also appears to be an ally of my captors because they have refused to intervene on behalf of POWs.

I am a former prisoner of the war for souls.

I pray that my captors are caught and prosecuted for their war crimes.