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“You need to grow a sense of humor!” my husband snarled at me almost constantly. Yet, whenever I joked around he told me I embarrassed him or that my goofing off was inappropriate.

I hit the snooze button this morning and overslept, which threw me into an absolute panic. My daughter had Princess Class at 10, and we were running way behind. I called my friend who teaches the classes as I was driving the half hour into town. She told me to come on in but no one else had registered for the class.

We arrived at 10:15 and found that, indeed, no other little girls had shown up. My friend graciously invited us in and offered me tea or coffee, but I declined. I felt that God had given her this extra time to work on her book, and we needed to leave her to it. She seemed relieved since she had a deadline to meet today and offered for D to come back at 3:15 and participate in the “big girl” class of 5-7 year olds.

That gave me an hour before I had to get the older two boys to the theater to meet their friends.  I ran to the grocery store quickly and then back across town to drop the boys off.  The little two and I went to a nearby grocery store to use the bathroom before blitzing back across town to their field trip at the Public Safety Department.

We then had an hour in between the field trip and Princess Class, so we did a little Christmas shopping.  J and I dropped D off at class and were on our way back across town to finish shopping without the little princess in tow when the older two called wanting picked up.  Their friend’s mom brought them to me at the department/grocery store, so that saved yet one more zig zag back across town.  Whew!

The three boys and I grabbed a few perishables and a gift for D since she wasn’t with us for once.  I knew with it having been a long day, all of us being exhausted, and not stopping to eat or drink that we could all use a little pick me up.  I offered the boys to choose a special treat type of drink.  J gladly accepted, but the older two insisted that they were fine and didn’t need anything.  I offered R, my 16 year old, a Frappuccino, which he absolutely loves.  He still declined.  I knew his issue was expense.  He didn’t want Mom spending money on him for a stupid treat that he didn’t need.

So, I threatened him.

I told him that I knew he wanted one and that if he didn’t get one I would do the Dunkaccino dance from the Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill.  He still said no.  I don’t think he believed me that I’d do it.  I grabbed the Frappuccino from the refrigerated shelf and began dancing down the aisle of the holiday crowded store on a Friday afternoon, singing, “Dunkaccino, Dunkaccino, Dunka, Dunka, Dunka, Dunka, Dunkaccino!” He turned beat red and doubled over laughing.  E, my 12 year old, stood there in total disbelief.  However, he did quickly say that he’d like a Frappuccino!  The boys claimed that people were staring at me with their mouths gaping open.  I didn’t care.  We were laughing and having fun.

Following my little performance I went to watch D’s fashion show and take pictures of her in her princess gown with her face painted.  She was lovely and, unlike her mother, acted the part of a well mannered lady.  It was precious.

We looked at Christmas lights on the way home, stopping to get out and enjoy some, circling up and around back roads to drive past others.  My 16 year old found an oldies radio station, and we sang at the top of our lungs while we drove around.  We didn’t have an audience this time, but we still laughed.  I couldn’t believe I remembered the words to songs from my childhood.  I couldn’t believe my teenager listens to music from my childhood!

My sense of humor did embarrass my kids today.  It was probably really inappropriate to act like that in public.  But, we laughed.  Perhaps it was the absolute, all consuming exhaustion we’re feeling.  Perhaps I was loopy from all of the running in circles today.  Perhaps I’m just finally growing a sense of humor in the spot where the wet blanket used to cover me.