I’m sorry. I’m at a loss for words. Loss is all that rings through my mind.

Our nation has experienced yet another sick tragedy. The senseless loss of lives causes us all to grieve together.

A dear friend of mine has experienced yet another loss of someone close to her. For her, the past year has been hallmarked by the deaths of many of her friends and family members. 

Today my uncle once again expressed the intense loneliness he carries with him constantly since my aunt passed away. Our family’s year has been hallmarked by death also.  Christmas is in a week. It will be my first without my dad.  I want to bless my children with a happy memory, but my dad is haunting mine.  

I’m even feeling loss over my marriage. No one panic! I’m still glad he’s gone! I am simply sensing a certain amount of grief over the loss of dreams that have been shattered by the reality of someone else’s lies.

I have court this Friday. That someone now wants to take even more from me and our children. I fear the loss of those few last items.

My home is broken into regularly, and I am driven deeper into a state of anxiety as all privacy and personhood are lost to the eyes of my stalker. 

So I sit here tonight.  My mind is empty.  My fingers have no thoughts.  The blackness of loss wraps around me like a cloak and threatens to envelope me.