I know I just published this morning and my schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but this has to be shared.

Jeff Sylvester of Steady On just finished an online concert on Stageit.  It was a fundraiser for me. He gave his evening and his talent to help raise funds to “Give Me Wings” as the organizers put it. Jeff even paid for a ticket for me to attend.

I sat and bawled. It was incredibly beautiful, just awe inspiring. He is an incredibly talented musician, and the worship was out of this world. I sang along with his final song, It Is Well With My Soul, and I swear I could hear other women’s voices singing along with me.

My 6 year old son cried, too, and twice had to leave the room because he couldn’t handle the emotion.  I had called the children to the computer.  I said, “Look, he’s doing this for us.  They are doing this for us.”  The kids looked bewildered.  I explained to them what Give Her Wings and Jeff wanted to do for us.

J’s eyes well up as he asked, “Why is he doing this for us?  Does he know we’re poor?  How does he know we’re poor?”  Later, he said, “I can’t take this.  I can’t believe he’s doing this for us.”

I want to publicly thank everyone who organized this event and everyone who generously contributed.  And, I want you all to know that even if you had not raised one penny, your love for us and your friendship has touched us and blessed us tremendously.  To realize that there are people who care so much about our well being is absolutely, completely overwhelming and life changing.  It alters our perception of our place in the world.

Your love gives us wings.  Thank you.