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I loathe Facebook challenges and games.  In fact, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook itself.  I swear one day soon I’m going to deactivate that account, but it’s the first thing I check upon awakening each morning!

I’ve been noticing a three day thankfulness “challenge” circulating lately, but no one has included me in it.  Instead of being hurt and waiting like a wall flower for someone to tag me, I jumped in on my own.  I’m not afraid to dance alone and look like an idiot!

I’d like you all to know that this goes for you as well.  That’s why I’m posting it here also.  YOU have been incredibly important in my healing!  And, I’m grateful for you being here and taking this journey with me!

Here’s what I posted:

No one nominated me for that three day thankfulness thingy.  I’m wondering if it’s because I kvetch so much, no one figured I knew how to be thankful.  Hmmmm……. so, true to narcissist FB fashion, where we’re each the star of our own reality show, I nominate ME!
1.  I am thankful that the Lord God of the Universe looked down on me in my wretched state of horrendous sinfulness and loved me into His arms.  I am in awe that He takes notice of someone like me and speaks to me as though I’m a beloved daughter.  I praise His HOLY NAME!
2.  I am thankful for my beautiful children and grandchildren.  What a beautiful day it has been!  What a beautiful month it has been!  I sat next to my 3rd son in church today.  He hasn’t been to church in a year but asked on the way home if we can go Wednesday night since he’ll miss next Sunday due to drills.  I’ve texted with my oldest son’s girlfriend and made goofy faces on Snap chat with my 3rd son’s girlfriend.  I’ve talked on the phone to my oldest son in DC.  I ran into my oldest daughter and my son in law at the mail and when I peeked my head in at my youngest granddaughter she reached her precious arms out to me.  I’ve been blessed to watch her weekly for the first year of her life–what a JOY!  My 2nd son is so good to text and call and respond immediately to my texts!  I’ve looked at pictures of my grandson at the beach in his skivvies.  I watched my youngest child get baptized today. I am amazed at God’s goodness–every one of my children has made a public profession of faith and been baptized as kids or teenagers.
3.  I am thankful for the extended family that my adult children have brought into my life.  I’m so looking forward to the *** clan coming to my house for a work party/BBQ.  I love those sweet  *** children!  The *** and *** are such wonderful people and so much fun!  And, my oldest granddaughter’s family was gracious to include us all at my oldest granddaughter’s 2nd birthday this month. Another fun day with all of them.  I so appreciate that I really enjoy the company of these people my children have chosen to make family.
4.  I am thankful to be blessed with THEE BEST friends in the entire universe!!!!!!!!!  Some have been beside me for decades, some for just over a year……but ALL are faithful, loyal, beautiful, gracious, selfless, thoughtful, prayerful, committed, genuine, raw, honest, amazing beyond belief!  They cry with me and laugh with me, mourning alongside me and rejoicing beside me.  They support me, literally sometimes!  They have stood in the mire and yuck with me and not been ashamed of the mess of my life.  They have loved me unconditionally.  And, I love them deeply.  I’ll never be able to express what they (YOU ALL) mean to me.
5.  I am thankful that I have this awful, falling in house to call home since the Habitat for Humanity house isn’t going to happen.  It’s a disaster waiting to happen, but it is still shelter.  It is still a place to lie down at night.  It’s where some of my children learned to shoot and read.  It’s where one child was born.  It may be a nasty (and most likely unsafe) house, but it is, regardless, still our home.  I trust God to keep it standing until He’s ready to move us on.
6.  I’m thankful for a wonderful church and church family.  I’m grateful for my pastor who has now baptized my youngest three children, laid hands on me for healing, and buried my dad.  I’m grateful for the teachers who stayed today to watch D get baptized, putting their plans on hold for an hour just to be with us.  I’m grateful for their faithful prayers and keen attention to teach and lead my children in holiness.
7.  And, I’m thankful for Facebook!  I’m thankful that when the muck of my life gets to be too much I can hop on here and vent and kvetch to y’all, and you are a click away from praying for me and sending me encouragement.

Have a safe weekend, Everyone!  I need you in my life more than you know. Whether I see you often or once in a blue moon, YOU are important to me!  And, I’m grateful for you!

That goes for you, too, my blog world friends!   xoxo