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I never listen to the Dove, a local Christian radio station, because I have viewed it as “too schmarmy Christian.”  By that, I mean, I’ve thought it plays into the stereotypical phony voiced love/grace/mercy at all costs teaching that is so prevalent in the Christian community at large today.  But, ya know what?  My heart was just hard, and God revealed that to me this morning.

I never listen to the Dove.  But, last night my teenage son bought me a secular CD I’ve been longing for for quite some time.  We listened to it on our way home, and he popped it out to bring it in the house when we arrived back home, leaving the system on.  So, when I started the car this morning, to head to work, the stereo system was on, and, for some weird reason, it was set to the Dove.

At first I listened more for my own entertainment.  I was going to mock it.  Through the static I could hear them laughing and throwing around the “grace” word.  But, it did NOT go where I thought it would!  I was convicted.  And, I was fed.  And, I was validated.